New in gambling? Get ready!

The gambler must know at least the basics about gambling and its opportunities. That means you need to know how to play the games, basic rules and tips. To choose the right place where to play, you need to check the availabilities carefully. No one wants to be cheated or treated badly, so make sure that the site is safe and fair.

Here are a few points that show the casino is suitable for use

1. The casino is licensed.
2. The casino has a good reputation and players reviews.
3. The casino is securely accessible on different devices, and it’s easy to use.
4. The casino offers a wide range of different casino games.
5. The casino has promotions and bonuses and special treatments or programmes for loyal players.
6. Top game providers ensure games.
7. Available information about banking – methods, limits, time, etc.
8. In case of questions or misunderstandings, there is an available support team that is ready to help.

Once you checked these things, we suggest you do not make quick decisions by visiting one casino and staying at it. We recommend you to check out at least a few casinos and compare them, in the end choosing the best that fits for your interests.

What are you looking

The next thing is to know what are you looking for. Gambling industry summarises plenty of games, and they differ by types, themes, features, opportunities, experience, finances, etc. In gambling, there are casino games that are slots, table and card games (roulette, baccarat, blackjack, poker, craps), lottery games (scratch cards, bingo, keno, slingo), jackpot games, instant win games, live dealer games and some casinos offers also sports betting. It’s important to understand what kind of games you are looking and how to play them. This time we chose the table games and prepared a short description about them. Click on the below-mentioned game types to know how to play them:

Live dealer games




Understand the language

Another essential thing is to understand gambling language. You have to know what mean basic and often used words.

Welcome offer – it’s a bonus that offered for new players. It can be used only once by one player. Usually, it’s a match up bonus with free spins or just one of them.

Deposit – it’s a payment that is made by the player to receive the bonus.

Withdrawal – it’s a winning removal from players account to the players’ bank account. It comes with wagering requirements.

High rollers – those are players who invest a lot of money in deposits make higher bets and play very active. For this kind of players, casinos offer individual tournaments, loyalty or Vip clubs.

VIP club/ Loyalty programme – it’s a programme, club or scheme that ensures the progress for players by giving exclusive opportunities, bonuses and prizes. Mostly these clubs and programmes are for high rollers, but some casinos allow to join every member of the casino, even beginners. The clubs and programmes can come with different conditions. Some are made with several levels that can be reached by collecting reward points, but some can be joined only by invitation fro casino stuff.

Wagering requirement – those are conditions for withdrawals. Before players can remove winnings they need to comply with wagering requirements and those are conditions that define how much times the bonus amount or deposit amount, or even both of them must be played through.

Cashier – it’s a banking section, where players can find out what kind of payment methods are available, what currencies can be used, what are the limits for withdraws, etc. Without that, there are many other words, but those you will learn with time. Before you start to play and join the casino fun world, you should know at least the most popular online casino bonuses.


To play and accept bonuses, you have to know what they mean and whats the good from them.

Welcome bonus
A welcome bonus is used almost in every single online casino. Its a bonus that helps to attract the players, cause its the first bonus that new player can receive. It can be used only once by one player. Welcome bonuses may differ in different casinos, but mostly those are match up bonuses or free spins. The welcome bonus can be claimed when the player registers to the casino and depending on if its a deposit or no deposit bonus, the player can receive it immediately or after first deposit.

For Welcome bonus, it’s important to read all the terms and even the small print, cause there is determined the deposit amount, maximal bet, wagering requirements, restrictions, the validity of bonus, etc.

No-deposit welcome bonuses usually are those where, as the bonus is Free Spins. But mostly as welcome bonuses are used with deposits. If its a deposit bonus then the bonus can be received only after the deposit is made.

Some casinos offer just simple welcome offer, example, 100% up to €100 or 100% up to €100 + 50 Free Spins, but some of the casinos offer a whole welcome package. That means the bonus consists of more than one
deposit. Example, on first deposit 100% up to €100 + 20 Free Spins, on the second deposit 50% up to €100 + 20 Free Spins, on the third deposit 25% up to €200. Usually welcome packages consist of three till five deposits.

Reload bonus
Reload bonus is very similar to the welcome bonus just with smaller amounts. Example if the welcome offer has 100% then the reload bonus will have 70% or 50%. The reload bonus usually is used as the next bonus after welcome to continuing delight the players.

Cashback bonus
Cashback bonuses are used to give a chance to get some part of the deposit back if the playtime is not going that well. Respectively, there is a percentage that determines the amount that players can get back from their loses. For these bonuses, it’s essential to read the conditions carefully. The most popular ways of cashbacks that are used are a weekly, monthly, specific game or special day cashbacks. Example, if it’s a monthly cashback then at the end of the month, casino compile all loses in that month and payback the defined percentage from all loses amount. The specific game cashbacks means that payback counts only on some particular game type or even game title loses. For example, very often is used the Live Casino Cashbacks. If there is a 10% cashback on Live Casino games then by playing live dealer games and losing in them makes a 10% cashback from loses. Example, the player deposits €50 and lose in the game, then the cashback counts from your loses – its 10% from €50 which is €5.

Deposit bonus
The deposit bonus is any bonus where the player needs to deposit to receive the bonus.

No deposit bonus
No deposit bonus is a bonus where the player doesn’t need to invest to receive it. Just apply to the bonus, and you get it. These bonuses can contain high wagering requirements, so read terms and conditions before applying to them.

Refer a friend bonus
Refer a friend bonus also is one of the most popular bonuses that are available for players. The conditions for this kind of bonus is that a player who is already a member of the casino has to attract a new player and request the player as a potential new player. The bonus will be received in the players account only after the friend is registered and made the first deposit.

Last thing and not less important is banking

What you should know about it, is that every online casino has different banking options, limits and time frame for it. There are three the most popular banking methods and its credit or debit cards, e-wallets and bank transfers. Some casinos offer all of them but some only some of them. No matter what kind of deposit method you choose the deposits usually goes immediately, but withdraws could take a bit longer.

Credit or debit cards
Almost all of the online casinos have this option, and the cards that will definitely appear in the list of payment methods are Visa and Mastercard. Other payment methods can differ, and even it might seem that also Maestro card, Dinner Club and other well-known cards are quite popular, those are not offered in every casino. To deposit with these cards are easy, and usually, you can withdraw the winnings with the same method. The time frame for this kind of payment option can take from one to five days, depending on the casino. Credit or debit cards usually have a withdraw limits, and sometimes the boundaries are less than other payment types, example, e-wallet or bank transfer. Sometimes it can come with transaction fees.

E-wallets become one of the most selected payment methods by players, cause they are fast, easy and very secure. E-wallets are like an online bank account, and they also are called as electronic or digital wallets. It’s a super fast and easy way to transfer the money online. It’s accessible to anyone and easy to create. E-wallet is connected to your credit or debit card, and by creating it, you will need to fill the financial details and make your password. When you have an e-wallet, the financial information are no more needed, you make actions and approve your money transactions only with your password. Nowadays, there is a lot of e-wallet brands, and it’s only upon you which one to choose. The most popular e-wallets that are offered in gambling sites are Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, EcoPayz and Trustly. The best thing for this method is that it’s fast not only in deposits but also in withdraws and usually the time frame is immediately or one day. Also for amount limits, e-wallets are good, cause often the limits are higher than other payment options and there is almost no fees for this payment method.

Bank Transfer
Bank Transfer is one of the oldest payment options which is still quite popular. It’s very appropriate for those who make large deposits and withdraws, those who possibly don’t have credit or debit cards and e-wallets or for those who just don’t feel safe to use their banking details on online. Most popular bank transfers that are offered in gambling sites are Wire Bank Transfer, Bank Transfer and Skrill Rapid Transfer. Not so pleasant thing is the time frame for this banking method, cause it won’t be immediate, it will take one to even seven days, but unlike other payment methods, the limits is higher. Similar to credit or debit cards, also bank transfer sometimes has transaction fees.

The mentioned things are the basics to start your gambling experience, and with a time the knowledge will only grow, so for now remember that you have to check the gambling site, know the basics about the games, terms and bonuses, look at the banking options and most important thing – take it easy, enjoy it and have fun!