Wish for Success

Gambling is fun and exciting entertainment way. Some people just fill their free time with gambling, but some people include gambling as their daily tradition and takes as a lifestyle.

It doesn’t matter if its a hobby or indispensable occupation, to gamble you need to know something about it. And if you want to become a successful gambler, then knowledge and experience are essential.

The knowledge starts from understanding the gambling world – the games, the bonuses and the rules. To know more about that, read our article „New in Gambling? Get ready!”.

The next thing is experience, and of course, it comes only with a track of time. Experience is essential to improve the playing skills and ways how to do it better by learning from experienced mistakes.

How these things work together?

The knowledge and experience are relevant to each other and gives strong power with a chance to win. If you know the game that you like the best, know its rules and possibilities then the winning chances are a lot more than just pick a random game and rely only on luck. Once you tried the game one time, other time and third time, you get experience, and you can make changes in your playing style.

Some of the players say that success can’t learn and either you get it or don’t. But there are a lot of success stories about different gamblers that have win enormous amounts by gambling. Some of them are like a coincidence, but some of them are based on strategic and tips. There are a full network and many books that teach different gambling ways how to increase your winnings and make the game for your own good, but does it really works? The answer is yes and no. Sometimes it really works, but
sometimes it becomes a failure. But as it’s said: „Youll never know unless you try!”

So we compiled five tips that could help you to be a successful gambler:

Choose the right game!

The thing is, while you’re playing some randomly chosen game without liking it, you’re wasting your money and time. It’s better to select the game you are interested in, the game that you love and brings joy. Choose the game and make sure you know how its played. When you feel good by playing it, you will have the wish for playing it more and that’s how you’re experience will grow. After a while, you will find the way how to win on that game, and the winning chances will be a lot bigger. If you don’t know the game type you like, try some different games, but only on trials (not with real money). Once you find the game that goes well for you, the key is in your hands! The most games that have better winning chances are slots, craps, roulette and baccarat.

Make a playing plan!

No matter what kind of gambling game you choose, you have to have some playing plan. But don’t concentrate too much on that, cause tension and too much of strategy can lead to a loss. The player needs to know the basics of the game and make some strategy from the knowledge and experience. Know the odds, house edge and the possibilities to win.

Accept all accessible tools!

That’s about the treatments that offer the casino. Those are promotions, bonuses, gifts and rewards. If the casino offers you something from that, then you should think about it and accept it, cause that’s another way how to increase your winning chances. Example, if the casino gives you a Free Spins, why not use them? It’s a few more chances that can bring the winning to you without even investing your own money. But don’t make decisions in a hurry. Before you accept something, carefully read the
terms and conditions. A smart gambler is a lucky gambler!

Know when it’s time to stop!

Most players get in hazard while playing games and that’s what sometimes take away the success. The thing is, while you are playing games, you have to understand when it’s going too much and when to stop. There are two situations when a smart and knowledgeable player needs to stop playing. One case is when you lose after loose. When it’s like that, the player starts to lose the faith and starts to play recklessly, and desperate which can lead to massive loses and lose more than the player can afford. Another situation is when the player plays the game and it goes surprisingly well, and the
winning amount is significant enough to be happy about that. But here’s the mistake that most players make – when they win one time, then the second time and third time and the amount is unexpected well, they got this feeling called greed, and they want to go for more. Usually, when they reach for more, they either lose a lot or lose it all and then comes the disappointment.
Be careful! When you lose one time after another, take a step back and stop playing until you lose it all. Don’t play while you’re angry or desperate. Come and play after a while or the next day. When you got a quite big winning, don’t be greedy, appreciate what you got, take your money and be happy. Don’t chase the loses!

Set the limits!

This applies not only on your bankroll but also on the time you spend by playing. Set the time when you will play and when you will rest, cause tired and careless player is a worthless player. Set the bankroll to save yourself from bankrupt. Set the limit for the day, week or month and stick to it.


A successful gambler can be anyone. It’s all in the player hands. There is a lot of gamblers who earn from playing thousands and millions, but their stories are very different. Most of the high roller and successful player just have God gifted talent, and they are just good at gambling, but some of them have become successful by learning, practice and hard work. Here are eight characters that successful gambler have:

  • They are positive thinkers!
  • They act smart!
  • They understand and love the numbers!
  • They invest in hard work to improve their skills!
  • They play subjecting the discipline!
  • They don’t allow emotions to take over!
  • They keep and save the records from games to learn from mistakes!
  • They are not afraid to take risks in some cases!