Poker is not only the most popular gambling card game but also the most professional card game. Poker is the game that already associates with gambling and the passion of it. So what gamblers wish? They wish for fair and high-quality poker games that give experience and success. Look below, and you will see online casinos by our taste that offers poker games and poker tournaments.

Poker is a fantastic gambling game, but not all of the players can be good at it. It’s a bit serious game that asks for knowledge, strategy, thinking, attitude and experience. Of course, everyone can play it, but not everyone can be successful at it.

Poker is one of the more complex casino card games where you definitely need to know the rules and card combinations. The beginnings of poker are fixed in the 19th century in the United States. In that time in different countries, people were playing similar games to poker. The basic of the game was the same as nowadays Poker, but then it was called differently. In the United States, it was known as “As-Nas”, in France “Poque”, in Ireland “Poca”, in Germany “Pochen”. The main that attracted the people to this game was the chance to bluff. Some sources say that the game was developed based on the Renasaince games “Primero” and “Brelan”. But it’s still not known what the real cause of Poker game was. No matter what, the things we definitely know is that it was an exciting game and people played it when they got free time or bored. The poker was played everywhere – on the streets, at clubs, on ships and other places. It spread out to all over the world, and the era of Poker started. The game title as we know it now was accepted in 1830. Now it’s still one of the most played gambling games and casinos offers a lot of variations of it. There is traditional, standard poker, Seven Card Stud Poker, Texas Hold’em Poker, Five Card Draw Poker, Omaha, Carrebian Stud Poker, etc.

How is poker played?

Poker is a gambling game where players make bets, collect card combinations, can cheat and step back to quit the game. The winner is the one who got the highest combination.
The game starts when the dealer has excreted the cards. Every player gets two cards which can be seen only by the player. All the left cards dealer place on the table. Three cards them lay on the table with their values to the table so that no one can see them, but all other in one stack. The game starts now! Players look at the cards and make bets. Here is the chance to cheat and be convincing or relax and be convincing cause you have big confidence that you will get the high combination. When the stakes are made the dealer opens one of the three cards on the table and players pick up one card from the stack. Players look for combinations and decide if they want to continue the game or not. The game continues like that until all three cards on the table are opened. Wins the player who got the most significant combination or who is the last one if other players quit the game.

In general, in Poker there are ten card rankings – High Card (lowest), One Pair, Two Pair, Three of a Kind, Straight, Flush, Full House, Four of a Kind, Straight Flush and Royal Flush (strongest).

-High Card-

It’s the lowest combination in the poker which is actually not a combination at all. If a player doesn’t have any of below-mentioned combinations, then it’s a High Card. It means its worthless. But if more than one player has a situation like this, then the winner is the one who got the highest card value.

-One Pair-

From five cards the player has to have two cards with the same value. Example, those could be two Kings – K♥, K♠, two 6♥, 6♦ or any other cards. The main thing is the same value, disregarding suit. In a fool hand, it could look like this: K♥, K♠, Q♠, 7♠, 4♦.

-Two Pair-

It’s a similar combination to One Pair, just here a player needs to have two of two cards with the same value. Also here the card suit doesn’t matter. Example, from fool hand, it could look like this: K♥, K♠, 6♥, 6♦, 4♦.

-Three of a Kind-

Three of a kind continues with the same principle as before mentioned combinations, but here it’s not about pairs anymore. In this combination, the player has to have three cards with the same value. For example, three Kings, three cards with value 5 or any other card symbol. The main thing is three the same symbols, ignoring the suits. Example, from fool hand it could look like this: 6♥, 6♦, 6♠, 7♠, K♥.


The key word for this combination sequential order of cards. The player can have any value or suit cards in hands, but the main thing is sequential order. But there is one hook – the card Ace can work as either the highest value or the lowest. Its the only combination where some card has two-value possibilities. So for example, from fool hand it could look like this: A♦, K♠, Q♥, J♠, 10♦ where the A♦ works as the highest valued card or 5♥, 4♠, 3♦, 2♠, A♦ where the A♦ works as the lowest valued card.


Finally the combination without value importance. In this combination, the main thing is that cards are from the same suit and the values can be different. Example, all five cards are spades or all cards are hearts. Example, from full hand it could look like this: 2♠, A♠, K♠, J♠, 4♠ or 5♥, Q♥,6♥, K♥, J♥.

-Full House-

Full House means that all five cards are used. In this combination, the suit doesn’t matter. What matters is that there need to be three cards with the same value and two cards that left with the same value. Example, from full hand it could look like this: K♠, K♥ , K♦, 4♠, 4♥.

-Four of a Kind-

Four of a kind means that player needs four same valued cards from all five. Example, four Kings – K♠, K♥ , K♦, K♣, four cards with value 2 -2♥, 2♠ , 2♣, 2♦. From full hand it could look like that: K♠, K♥ , K♦, K♣, 2♥ or 2♥, 2♠ , 2♣, 2♦, J♥.

-Straight Flush-

The combination is fulfilled if the player has all five cards from the same suit and they can be ranked in sequential order. For example, from full hand it could look like that: 7♣, 6♣, 5♣, 4♣, 3♣.

-Royal Flush-

Royal Flush is the strongest card combination in poker. It has only one variation with values, but four with suits. The rule is that Royal Flush consists of card values Ace, King, Queen, Jack and ten and all of the cards need to be with the same suit. Example, A♠, K♠, Q♠, J♠, 10♠ or A♣, K♣, Q♣, J♣, 10♣ or A♦, K♦, Q♦, J♦, 10♦ or A♥, K♥, Q♥, J♥, 10♥.

All the card combinations are listed in descending order from the lowest to the highest.

Good luck at the poker table!