Gamblers wish for good games and successful gameplay and what they also want is the right games for their taste. This is a section for Blackjack players, and here you will find casinos that offer this type of casino game in a simple mode and also by the live casino with live dealers.

Blackjack is one of the oldest, traditional and also trendy gambling games. Blackjack is called different, for some its Blackjack, for some its Aces, but for some its 21. If you hear one of these titles, you can be sure that it’s talked about blackjack game.

Blackjack is a table and card game with an old history. It’s said that at first it wasn’t called as blackjack at all. The game was born based on some other game called French for 21, and only years ago when the game was spread all over the world, it got the title Blackjack.

If you’re a passionate blackjack player, you probably know why it’s so exciting and sweet, but for those who just start to get to know this game we have four facts why it’s so amazing:

1. It’s easy to learn and fun to play
2. Players don’t compete with each other
3. Low house edge
4.A game where it is possible to beat the dealer

To play blackjack, you have to know the rules of it, card values, bets and at least standard options.

Blackjack – its a gambling game with a target to collect cards with a value 21 or as close as possible to that. The game goes between player and dealer. Wins the one whos card total amount is bigger, but don’t exceed value 21.
The game starts with making bets, then the dealer excretes two cards for every player and also himself. One of the cards can see everyone, but another card just the player that gets it. Next move is to choose the options. Remember that player compete only with the dealer, not other players! So if a player got 21, the player wins. If a player got less than 21 but the amount is larger than dealers amount, the player wins.

Card values

In blackjack game card values is one of the essential things cause that’s basically is the point that defines the winning chances. The player can beat the dealer if he’s total card value is higher than dealers but not exceeding amount 21.
So the card values are following. Numbers from 2 to 10 have the same amount as the number on the card. That means, for example, card 2♥ has value 2, the card 10♥ has value 10, the card 5♥ has value 5. The cards King, Queen and Jack, has value 10, but card Ace can have two values – either it’s 1 or 11.


All you have to know about stakes is that in blackjack the stakes have limits. There is maximal bets and minimum bets, and the amounts for them can differ in different casinos.

Standard options

To play blackjack, you have to know at least the standard options to make your moves and get some result by playing this game. There is four of them that you need to know and its Hit, Stand, Double Down and Split.


Hit means that the player wants to pick up another card. Do not make this move if your total card value makes an amount that is very close to value 21.


Stand means that the player doesn’t make any moves, don’t pick up new cards and play with the cards that he already has. This move is beneficial if a player has cards which total amount makes a value of 21 or very close to it.

-Double Down-

This option means that the player has a chance to double his bet. Use this option only if you are confident about your winning chances and that you could beat the dealer. This option can be used only on the first move right after the dealer have been distributed the cards to players. By choosing this option, the player has to pick up one more card.
! Some casinos allow this option only in cases when the player has cards with value 10 or 11.


Option Split is available just after the dealer has distributed the first two cards and both cards have the same value. When the player chooses this option the cards are separated into two hands, the player makes another bet on the other hand in with the same amount and continues to play the game with two hands.

To become a successful blackjack player you have to practise and get experience.

There is a lot more options available and different variations of blackjack, so this is just a start, but we hope it helped you!